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  • Council Elections

    Nominations for Election of members to Council have now been received. Want to ask a candidate a question? Now you can! Fill out our new online form.

  • OAA + 2030

    Online registration for the OAA + 2030 professional series is now available! Consider this great opportunity to gain the knowledge to create next-generation, super-efficient buildings.

  • The deadline for reporting continuing education for the Cycle 2016-2018 is June 30, 2018.

    Counting Down to End of Cycle

    The deadline for reporting continuing education for the Cycle 2016-2018 is June 30, 2018. Not meeting your continuing education requirements is a breach of Regulation 27 under the Architects Act and can lead to disciplinary action.

  • Call for Tours

    Have a great idea for a tour in the Toronto area? We want to hear from you!

    The OAA is soliciting tour proposals for inclusion in the 2016 OAA Conference program.

  • ConEd Call for Proposals

    Come speak at Conference! The OAA invites you to submit a proposal to speak at the 2016 OAA Conference in the Continuing Education stream.

  • BlOAAg - Women in Architecture - Ontario

    In honour of Women's History month, the OAA special blOAAg series Women in Architecture – Ontario, acknowledges the contributions of women shaping our built environment.

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ConEd 2015 - 2016 - What's On?

It’s never too early to fulfill your Continuing Education requirements! To help you meet your requirements, we have several sessions available for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 across the province....
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Registration is now Available!


The OAA+2030 Education series help Ontario Architects create buildings that meet the energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge.


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ConEd Call for Proposals   


The Call for proposals for ConEd sessions for the 2016 Conference is now open! The OAA invites you to submit a proposal. The deadline to submit is November 9, 2015...
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The Space of Music


Many of our contributors to the current issue examined the same topics: the architectural qualities of musical composition; the use of music to add dimension to architectural environments; architectural playlists; comparisons with musical forms, structures and expression; and once and for all, is architecture really frozen music?...
Photo: Wikki Commons image


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OAA HQ Refresh and Renovation Project


As the OAA building passes 20 years old, the building requires extensive maintenance, and its energy use is significantly above average for a low rise office building. OAA Council saw this as an opportunity to review all aspects of the building....

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OAAAS - Technology Program of the OAA


The Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS) is an association for technologists working in the architectural field. Through OAAAS, a qualified professional can become a Licensed Technologist OAA and member of the Ontario Association of Architects ...

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The Ontario Association of Architects represents, regulates, supports and promotes the profession of architecture in the interest of all Ontarians, and leads the design and delivery of built form in the province of Ontario.