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Opportunity to Mentor Internationally Educated Professionals in Architecture

JVS Toronto is a non-profit organization that provides employment programs and services. They are currently seeking volunteer architects (and intern architects) to mentor within IPLAN, an Ontario bridge training program for IEPs in architecture.

As a mentor your primary role is to inform mentees about the architectural profession in Ontario and how to gain Canadian experience, including providing information about the job market, industry trends and how to go about finding work.

In addition to helping another person succeed, the direct benefits to you as a mentor are numerous including: enhancing your leadership and coaching skills, increasing your cross-cultural competencies, and expanding your professional network. Mentoring within IPLAN is also eligible as unstructured learning within the OAA Continuing Education program.

The program is currently scheduled for delivery to September 30, 2014.

To submit your expression of interest, please contact Diane Brockman, IPLAN Facilitator / Employment Counsellor 416-649-1763.