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CRI Council's WASTE SAVER MOBILE APP now available

By Beta version on iTunes and Google stores



Proudly sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects, the beta version of  the CRI Council's WASTE SAVER MOBILE APP is now available at both i-tunes and google stores.

Waste Saver is an innovative easy-to-use app to help all industrial, commercial and institutional companies prevent waste generation and minimize waste to landfill, especially those involved in the building industry. Developed by the Construction Resource Initiatives Council (CRI Council) wide ranging sector leaders and supported financially in part by the Ontario Association of Architects; Modern Niagara (Canada's leading commercial mechanical contractor) the app will help users change how they view and deal with precious recoverable resources – aka waste.

So whether you are a building owner or manager, design specification or construction professional, or someone responsible for setting public or corporate sustainability policies, Waste Saver will guide you to the nearest recovery facilities, key references, adopters of the zero waste initiative Mission 2030, frequently asked questions or myths so that you can not only join the zero waste movement but also grow your business triple bottom line in the process.

While the ‘Waste Saver' mobile app was designed to address building waste in North America and still requires to be populated to reach its full potential, we trust you will see it as a great foundation to build for important cross sector changes in resource consumption, production zero waste patterns and policies anywhere in the world. As well, there is no doubt that the success and value of this tool will depend greatly on stakeholders engagement, or support for further research and development.

Therefore, please consider how this new unprecedented tool could serve you and your organization as an extraordinary promotional tool as much as an enabling and learning high value instrument. 

  • All annual CRI Council corporate member, at the rate of $750.00 can be will included in the ‘ ind Recovery Facilities’ or 'Supporters Directory’ as well as on our membership directory. Membership sign-up can be done online here.

    • All CRI Council partners ($2,500 + ) can be included in the mobile app, with their logo in a bottom banner, in addition to the benefits of their respective support level. 

    • All high level partners (gold and platinum) can include a general limted research and populating of a specific area 

    • Our new  ‘Waves of Change’ and ‘Lean’ education programs

    • Listing and commentary space in our upcoming Mission 2030 Reference Guide, etc. 

We’ve made a substantial investment in this tool because we believe that together, we can design and build more responsibly to change the course of the building industry. However, as you know, the CRI Council is a non-profit and volunteer based grassroots organization . Thus, we need you to make this the best tool that it can possibly be. The following are a few ways you can Other ways that you can help include:

  • Downloading and reviewing the app – Even if it does not yet have all the information that you may be looking for, it’s free and this will help us raise the app profile with the app stores as well as see where the industry priorities are

    • Share with all your contacts – Help us harness the true power of social media to eliminate the ‘concept’ of building waste and build a circular economy

    • Join our efforts – This is a massive undertaking and we don’t pretend to know everything. Therefore, we are counting on crowd sourcing and crowd funding to research, maintain and continuously improve this app

 For more information please click here.