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Admission Course

The OAA Admission Course is a mandatory requirement for licensure for all Interns in Ontario. The OAA Admission Course covers topics related to regulatory matters, legal issues and information specific to the practice of architecture in Ontario.

Admission Course Objectives:

  • To introduce interns to acceptable practice standards in the industry;
  • To introduce interns to various forms of practice issues that commonly arise;
  • To introduce interns to professionalism requirements and best practices in Ontario;
  • To orient interns to the topics and issues that characterize the practice of architecture.

Admission Course Topics:

  • Ontario Building Code: Concepts and Code Analysis
  • Contract Administration and General Review
  • Planning and Development Approvals
  • Building Permit Application Process
  • Professional Liability
  • Building Code Act
  • Construction Lien Act
  • Contract Law
  • Bid Theory

Experience Hours

Interns can record the Admission Course Experience hours in the CERB upon successful completion of the 2015 Admission Course. 

Questions related to the Admission Course administration should be forwarded to